LeedsOffices.co.uk Review

Leedsoffices.co.uk provides office space in the city of Leeds. Type that into your browser address bar and there’s little doubt what the company offers. This is a website which passes the ‘URL test’ and does what it says on the tin.

The landing page is crisp and neat and the choice of font – Filson or a similar modern sans serif – works a treat here. So many web designers neglect the subtle impact that a smart typeface adds to a site, but the clear text on Leedsoffices.co.uk is pleasing.

A loose pencil sketch of office space provides the backdrop to a smart layout. A colour scheme of black text offset with blue and yellow to embolden and highlight elements looks neat.

The parallax scrolling adds a touch of class to the home page and the site doesn’t over-use the 3D effect.

Suitably located images of a tablet device, a notepad and a pair of spectacles, amongst other office elements, reinforce the message of what’s on offer. There’s a search box at the top of the landing page which gives a swift outline of what you could purchase.

“I need a [office type]” for “[x number of] people” ensures Leedsoffices.co.uk gets the visitor some quick info on what’s offered, and typically that means a caller to the site can have some illustrative costings within three clicks of arriving at the home page.

There’s a risk with this kind of ploy that a percentage of prospective clients will take the result as it is, and swiftly depart without allowing the vendor the opportunity to refine the options on offer to best suit the customer’s needs.

But in this case it seems to work and within seconds, the visitor has received a broad cost overview, and more importantly has been reassured that there is availability for what they need. This ‘quick-win’ result offers the would-be purchaser enough to go on in order to search the site for further information or pick up the telephone / use the “contact us” button.

The options for further interaction include a telephone number or a web form to type in your enquiry. A ‘live chat’ function may be beneficial here to reinforce the ‘readily available’ feel to the site.

The glossy photos of the office space on offer is the site’s best feature and the message that modern, clean and vibrant space is available is firmly reinforced by bright images showing what you can get. A bulleted overview of what each location comes with offers a clear overview for prospective-customers.

Some elements of the site are a little text heavy on first glance – there’s 900 words on the ‘serviced offices’ page for example, though it is broken up by sub-headings. An image or two might help here to ease the eye through the information.

The desktop layout is pleasing and lends itself well to the landscape view on a laptop whilst the responsive display concisely rearranges for mobiles and tablets.

Visit: https://www.leedsoffices.co.uk