ISO17025 FAQ

An ISO17025 FAQ


What is ISO17025?

ISO 17025 is an International Standard (published by the International Organization for Standardization) that specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations. There are 15 management requirements and 10 technical requirements. These requirements outline what a laboratory must do to become accredited.

What does ISO17025 apply to?

ISO 17025 applies to all organizations performing tests and/or calibrations. It applies to all laboratories regardless of the number of personnel or the extent of the scope of testing and/or calibration activities covered by this International Standard

When was ISO17025 introduced?

ISO 17025 was first published in 1999 as a replacement to ISO Guide 25. ISO 17025 was revised and reissued in May 2005.

Why was ISO Guide 25 replaced by ISO 17025?

ISO Guide 25 was a well used document published by ISO, but did not have all the management requirements that were outlined in ISO 9001. ISO 17025 includes all the requirements of ISO 9001.

Why was ISO 17025 revised and reissued in May 2005?

ISO 9001 was revised and reissued in 2000. ISO 17025:2005 now includes all the management requirements that were incorporated into the new ISO 9001:2000 standard.

What version of the standard should a laboratory purchase?

ISO 17025:2005 is the most up to date version and all audits will be conducted against this version of the standard. You should NOT purchase ISO 17025:1999 even though it is still for sale on many websites. You need to purchase ISO 17025:2005.

How does a laboratory get accredited to ISO17025?

A laboratory must document a quality management system. A documented quality manual is a basic requirement on the road to laboratory accreditation. In addition, quality management procedures must be established for how the system is maintained. Once the system is documented it must be implemented in the laboratory. It will also accompany the laboratory’s application for accreditation. The implementation period will require several months to establish the records that an accreditation body will review at an accreditation audit. Finally, the laboratory undergoes the ISO17025 assessment by an accreditation body that is certified to perform laboratory accreditation.

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