Comparison of ISO14001, EMAS and BS7750

Comparison of ISO14001, EMAS and BS7750 Requirements

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This page provides a comparison of the requirements of ISO14001, and provides links to many other environmentally oriented pages.

Comparison of EMS Standards

System ElementISO14000EMASBS7750
Environmental Management System4.0ANNEX I, Part B4.1
Preparatory Environmental ReviewANNEX A.4.2.1 (Guide)Article 3, Paragraph b ANNEX I, Part CANNEX A.1.2 (Guide)
Environmental Policy4.1ANNEX I, Part A and D4.2
Organisation and Personnel4.3.1, 4.3.2ANNEX I, Part B2 & D114.3
Environmental Effects/ Aspects4.2.1, 4.2.2ANNEX I, Part B3 & D2/34.4
Objectives and Targets4.2.3ANNEX I, Part A44.5
Environmental Management Programmes4.2.4ANNEX I, Part A54.6
Manual and Documentation4.3.4, 4.3.5ANNEX I, Part B54.7
Operational Controls4.3.6, 4.3.7, 4.4.1, 4.4.2ANNEX I, Part B4 & D6-74.8
Records4.4.3ANNEX I, Part B54.9
EMAS Audits4.4.4ANNEX I, Part B6, ANNEX II4.10
Management Review4.5ANNEX I, Part B14.11
Environmental StatementN/AArticle 5 and ANNEX VN/A

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